Google Calendar reminders in Windows

Gmail Notifier Pro supports connecting to Google Calendar to get information about calendar events and display reminders. Google Calendar is a great service for defining calendar events, but Gmail Notifier Pro makes it even better by showing the reminder popup in Windows.

Gmail Notifier Pro supports multiple Google Calendar accounts, and each account can be configured for using public, private or a custom calendar.

When defining an event in Google Calendar, it's possible to configure reminders. If a popup reminder is configured, Gmail Notifier Pro will use the defined time for the reminder to show a reminder in Windows. If no specific popup reminder is defined, Gmail Notifier Pro can use a configurable default reminder, making sure that notifications are displayed for all events. The default reminder configuration can be found in the Options dialog in the Calendar section.

Calendar reminder window

The screenshot below illustrates how the calendar reminders look. It is possible to snooze a calendar event to make the reminder appear again later. By clicking Open the calendar is opened in Google Calendar using automatic account sign in.

Google Calendar notification


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