Gmail Notifier Pro Screenshots

Gmail Notifier Pro main window

Overview of all configured accounts. All unread mail in all mail boxes are listed. For Google News and RSS/Atom feeds, all news entries are listed.

Gmail Notifier Pro main window

Layout configured to view content on right side. The ribbon toolbar gives easy access to all mail operations like Mark as read and Delete.

Gmail Notifier Pro main window vertical


Notification when a new mail is received. This configuration uses a semi-transparent popup. The popup window can be moved to any position on the screen.

mail notification

It's also possible to open the mail in a web browser and use the built in reply feature in Gmail Notifier Pro to quickly answer a mail.

mail actions

This notification is configured to use another theme and a smaller popup. The size and layout of the notifications can be fully customized.

mail notification small

Notification about an unread news item from a RSS feed. This account is configured to use yet another theme.

RSS notify popup

Notification area and flyout

This notification is showing one of the included background images. The Windows notification area is showing the amount of unread messages and news items for two accounts that have been configured to show their own icons.

Windows system tray

This image also showing the individual account icons in the Windows notification area. Clicking any of the icons will launch the account in the web browser. For Google/Gmail accounts, automatic account sign in will be used.

Windows notification area

The screenshot below illustrates the flyout feature that gives an overview of the Google+ notifications together with mail notifications.

Google+ notifier

E-mail Integration in Windows

Gmail Notifier Pro can be registered as default program for e-mail, making it easy to send files as attachments using the e-mail sending feature.

Windows send to mail recipient

Send To and Gmail attachments

Send To feature also supports using the Gmail composer.

Send to Gmail attachment


The configuration is easy to use and there are many useful settings.


Configuration of accounts to monitor. The color bar on the left side of the account icon shows the main colors for the selected theme.


Configuration of themes to customize the notifications.


Supported accounts types

A list of supported account types to be monitored:
Google Gmail Atom, Google Gmail, Microsoft (formerly Live Hotmail), Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Exchange, RSS/Atom, Google News, IMAP and POP, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Feedly feeds, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Calendar and Microsoft SkyDrive.

Gmail,, Yahoo! Mail, Google Calendar, Feedly, Google Drive, RSS, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Exchange, SkyDrive

Write mail using Gmail Notifier Pro

Write mail without using the web browser. Supports HTML formatting and attachments.

Write mail

Google Calendar reminders

Integration with Google Calendar gives reminders for calendar events.

Google Calendar notification

Automatic updates

Gmail Notifier Pro supports automatic updates when there is a new version available.

Gmail Notifier Pro updates