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Frequently Asked Questions about Gmail Notifier Pro.


Explains how to install Gmail Notifier Pro using the installer.

Getting Started

How to use Gmail Notifier Pro for the first time and setup a Gmail account and receive notifications.


Contains a description of all configurable settings in Gmail Notifier Pro. The following configuration sections are explained:
General | Accounts | Themes | Notifications | Appearance | Custom Actions | Web Browser | Schedule | Mail | Calendar | Automatic Updates | Connection | Advanced | Registration

Atom & IMAP

Gmail Notifier Pro support both Atom and IMAP for connecting to your Gmail account.
Learn more about their differences, advantages and how to enabled IMAP for your Gmail account.

Compose Mail

How to write mail using Gmail Notifier Pro.

Windows e-mail integration and Send To feature

Gmail Notifier Pro can be registered as default program for e-mail in Windows and support Send To and mailto-links.

Troubleshooting Tips

Learn how to find solutions to common issues.  



Features by mail server protocol
Mail server port settings
IMAP IDLE for Gmail
Microsoft (formerly Live Hotmail) notifications
Yahoo! Mail notifications
Multiple folders with IMAP
Security and HTTPS

Google and Gmail
Automatic Gmail Sign In
Gmail How To
Google Apps
Google Calendar reminders in Windows
Google News and RSS/Atom notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Security: Is it safe to enter my Gmail password in Gmail Notifier Pro?

Yes. The password is stored in your user folder using a strong encryption algorithm (AES-256). When requesting mail information from Gmail using Atom, a secure and encrypted HTTPS connection is used. For IMAP a secure and encrypted SSL connection is used.

Gmail Notifier Pro report authentication failure or connection failure

See the troubleshooting tips to learn how to find solutions for these problems.

Gmail Notifier Pro doesn't start

Gmail Notifier Pro requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (already included in Microsoft Windows 7).
Download .NET Framework 3.5 from Microsoft.

I can't delete mail or I can't mark mail as read

These features are only supported for IMAP accounts, not Gmail Atom accounts. Gmail Notifier Pro supports both IMAP and Atom account types. Read the help section Atom & IMAP to learn more.

Why can't I see all my mail messages in Gmail Notifier Pro?

For Gmail Atom accounts, only the last 20 unread messages will be displayed. Using Gmail IMAP will get access to all messages. By default, only the unread messages for the IMAP accounts will be displayed. To display all messages, edit the account and go to the "Mail settings" section. Check "Download both read and unread mail".

How do I enable sound notifications?

Sound notifications can be configured for each Theme. To use the same sound notification for all themes, configure the Default Theme for sound notifications.

Sound notifications settings are located in the Options dialog, Themes section. Use the scroll bar on the right side to scroll down to the "Sound notification" settings. Select either one of the included wave files, listed as #1, #2 and #3, or select Custom and click "Browse" and go for example to "C:\Windows\Media\" where many sound files can be found.

How do I display images in the messages I receive?

The default setting is not to show the images, because of security reasons. You can manually click on the image icon to load the images.

To always load all images automatically, open the Options dialog, Appearance section. Set "View content as" to "HTML (display images)".

What is Portable mode?

Gmail Notifier Pro has a setting where to store the configuration data. It can be set to Multiple user mode or Portable mode. The Multiple user mode is normally recommended, because that allows each Windows user to have their own configuration stored in their user folder.

The Portable mode is recommended when a single user want to run Gmail Notifier Pro from a USB stick. In Portable mode, all configuration is stored together with the application.

Changing between Multiple user mode and Portable mode is easy and can be made from the Options, in Gmail Notifier Pro.

The default setting is different in the two downloadable packages:
Gmail Notifier Pro Installer: Multiple user mode (Recommended)
Gmail Notifier Pro ZIP archive: Portable mode

The main reason why the ZIP archive use Portable mode by default is that this package is mainly for users that want to run Gmail Notifier Pro from a USB stick. Again, these settings can be changed at any time.