Default program for e-mail in Windows

Gmail Notifier Pro can be registered as default program for e-mail in Windows. When registered as default e-mail program in Windows, sending e-mail attachments from Windows and many applications is very easy.

Gmail Notifier Pro will be displayed as the e-mail client in all areas in Windows where the e-mail client is shown. In some versions of Windows, the e-mail client is displayed in the main view of the start menu.

Windows integration: Send To feature

The screenshot below illustrates the Send To feature that is available for all files and folders in Windows. By selecting one or many files, selecting Send To - Mail recipient, Gmail Notifier Pro compose mail window will be opened. The selected files will appear as attachments.

This is a much faster way of sending attachments from Windows, compared to manually signing in to Gmail in the web browser, create a new message and then try to find the files from the file dialog opened by the web browser. When using Gmail Notifier Pro to send attachments using the Send To feature, you increase your productivity.

Windows Send to Mail Recipient

Send To feature using Gmail composer

When sending attachments to a mail recipient from the Windows desktop or from applications like Microsoft Office, Gmail can be opened in the web browser with a new message prepared, including the selected files as attachments.

Send to Gmail attachment

Send attachments from Windows applications

The screenshot below is from Microsoft Office, where applications like Microsoft Word support sending documents as attachments. This feature works similar to Send To - a Gmail Notifier Pro compose mail window will be opened and the document will appear as an attachment. All applications using SimpleMAPI for the default program for e-mail in Windows is supported.

Send as attachment using Gmail Notifier Pro


On web pages and also in some Windows applications, mailto-links are used to make it easier to send mail to a specific recipient. Mailto-links works like hyperlinks, but are opened by the default e-mail program in Windows. Gmail Notifier Pro supports mailto-links. When a link i clicked, the Gmail Notifier Pro compose mail window is opened with all provided information filled in, for example the to-field, subject-field and the content-field.

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