Gmail Notifier Pro - HTTPS and Security

Gmail Notifier Pro only uses HTTPS and secure connections when connecting to Gmail and other Google services.


HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) together with TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security / Secure Sockets Layer) to provide encrypted and secure connections. HTTPS can be used to send passwords and other sensitive information over the Internet in a secure way. While HTTP use port 80 by default, HTTPS uses port 443 by default.

Gmail Notifier Pro & HTTPS

These are the communication protocols used by Gmail Notifier Pro when connecting to Gmail and other Google services: If automatic updates are used, Gmail Notifier Pro will also communicate with This communication is using HTTP without encryption on purpose. By not encrypting this communication, all users can verify that no sensitive information is being sent or reported to this website. When performing automatic updates, there can also be a check for valid registration for users having a registered copy.

Password security

When communicating with the Google services, the passwords are always sent using encrypted connections. Gmail Notifier Pro stores all passwords in the user folder using a strong encryption algorithm (AES-256).

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