Automatic Gmail Sign In with Gmail Notifier Pro

Gmail Notifier Pro supports true automatic sign in to Google Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Reader. You never have to type your passwords again.

Gmail Sign In

When using a web browser you need to sign in by entering your e-mail address and password to get access to your Gmail account. If you have multiple Gmail accounts, you need to remember and type all these addresses and passwords.

The same sign in procedure is used for password protected Google services, including Google Calendar and Google Reader.

Gmail Notifier Pro & Automatic Gmail Sign In

In Gmail Notifier Pro you only need to enter your Gmail password once. The password will be stored in a secure way and automatically used when needed.

The password is used for logging in to the Gmail account and check for new mail. Gmail Notifier Pro will then display notifications when new mail arrives, and support mail operations like 'Mark as Read'.

The password is also used when opening an account or a mail in the web browser. In this case Gmail Notifier Pro will not only open the Gmail sign in page or hope that the user already have an active Gmail session. Gmail Notifier Pro will make a true automatic sign in to Gmail. No matter if there are no active sessions or active sessions with another account, you will directly get a web browser window with the selected mail opened without typing the password.

Gmail Notifier Pro will use the same automatic sign in procedure for the other Google services as well.



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